The Healthy Love Choice

Loving your child in a healthy way is not such an easy thing to do. It is not that your child doesn’t need or deserve such love but healthy love requires a high degree of personal discipline and maturity. Good parenting can’t be done by lazy people. Undisciplined parents cannot raise disciplined children. Unfortunately, some adults are incapable of healthy love because they are stuck in their own childhood needs. They have not grown up and cannot give a mature, grown-up kind of love. This is why I believe the […]

Healthy Love Takes The”Long Look”

 Are you taking the ” long look” in how your rear your child? Healthy love takes the “long look”. Healthy love does  not settle for what is convenient or what does not lead to the best for your child in the long run. Healthy love must sometimes be tough. It tolerates you child’s discomfort and anger. It is smart, knowledgeable. To be able to choose what is in the best interest of our child implies some knowledge of what life is about.. It means we choose to teach our child […]

Encouraging Self-Discipline (part five)

One of your primary concerns in using a friendly and firm manner in guiding your child’s behavior is to help him realize you love him. Hopefully, he will also realize what you require of him is for his good. You must keep in mind that your child is immature and may protest your decisions and declare how mean he thinks you are. Remember, he is a child and deep down he is comforted to know you are in charge and that you are there for him. Stay the course of […]