The Girl with a Nice Voice

The Girl with a Nice Voice

Recently Cecelia and I were notified to go to Nashville to get our first covid-19  shot. This was good news but I was unfamiliar with the exact location. So, on the day we were to go I put the address information into the GPS, which I often refer to as “the girl with a nice voice.” I have been to Nashville hundreds of times but, as mentioned earlier, I needed help from the AI system with the exact location of the East Garage where I was instructed to park. 

As I monitored the screen I could see the distance to the garage was diminishing and soon the girl with a nice voice said “destination is on the left” and with the voice of confidence she announced “destination.” Good, I thought and made the left turn and parked in the garage. With the help of a young woman, we found the place to get our shots and everything was wonderful until…we tried to find our car.

We followed the directions of a nice employee to get back to the East Garage and found the elevator and punched the number 4.The elevator didn’t go to the 4th floor. We approached an attendant and explained where we had parked and discovered that we were in the East Garage but the reason the elevator didn’t go to the 4th floor was that this garage didn’t have the 4th floor. After about 45 minutes of walking and asking for directions, we discovered we had actually parked in the Central Garage.  

The “girl with a nice voice” had deceived me and I had been laboring for some time under wrong information, thinking I was parked somewhere I wasn’t. Bad or partial information can create real problems and confusion. Correct information can lead us to the right thinking and actions.

When we return to the same place for our second covid-19 shot I will be wiser and will trust what experience has taught me. Some information is a lie, some is partially correct and some is absolutely correct. Life experience has taught me I can’t completely trust AI and the opinions of persons with a certain agenda. However, I do have a “guidance system” which is totally true and accurate about the big things that have ultimate value and meaning in life. I can rely on God and his Word to guide me in the way I should live.

“I will meditate on thy precepts, and regard thy ways. I shall delight in thy statute;

I shall not forget thy word.” Psalm 119: 15-16  



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  1. I’ve had lots of fun navigating the East Garage at Vanderbilt! And with Covid, they have shut down certain access points making it even more fun!

    Enjoying your blog.

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