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If any of this is true, I want to help you. My blogs and books are designed to deal with these kinds of concerns and needs. You will discover lots of help for Christian living, marriage, and parenting in the blogs and books I make available to you. 

Question People Ask. Here are some questions other folks are asking, Maybe you have different questions. If you don’t find what you need in my blogs or books, leave me a note on my contact page and I will try to help you find resources to address your need. 

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My Books. You will find my books here or by scrolling down to the next section. Some books are available as e-books, as well as paperback. My latest book, Heaven’s Currency…Investing In The Things That Matter Most is available here on my website at a reduced cost or from Amazon. I believe this is a book for our time, potentially a game-changer for those looking for ways to live proactively in a very difficult time in our world. Check out what’s being said about this book!

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  • IF….Then
    IF…..Then Today’s message is based on Proverbs 2:1-22, a good follow-up from my last post on “Pursuing Wisdom.” The title for this blog becomes obvious if you read the first five verses of this chapter. You will find some important “ifs” and “thens” there. Ifs and thens are a part of life, aren’t they? Life presents us with choices. Our choices are followed by results, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Loving parents try to teach their children how to make good choices. Part of that process is to […]
  • Pursuing Wisdom
    What are you pursuing in life? Most of us have a pretty good idea of what it means to pursue something or someone, right? But, if we are a bit  “fuzzy” about the concept, let’s turn to the old reliable Webster’s dictionary to clarify it for us. Here is the gist of three ways of defining pursue,  (1) “To follow in order to overtake, capture…(2) “to proceed along or follow, as a specified course of action, plan…(3) “to try find, strive for, seek.” Look carefully at these definitions, what stands […]
  • Wisdom, Where Does It Begin?
    Wisdom. When does a person begin to become wise? Can a young person become wise or is wisdom reserved only for the elderly? I believe young people can get on the path to being very wise while some older folks get more and more foolish as they grow older. In other words, ” some people live and learn while others just live.” Do you want to be wise? If you do, you must discover the Source of all wisdom. So, let’s talk about where wisdom begins. Where does wisdom begin? […]

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