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Heaven's Currency

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My latest book, Heaven’s Currency…Investing In The Things That Matter Most is now available here on my website at a reduced cost or from  Amazon I believe this is a book for our time, potentially a game-changer for those looking for ways to live proactively in a very difficult time in our world. 

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  • The Danger of the Drift
    Drift. “To float or be driven along by a current of water or air” is one way Merriam-Webster defines the word drift. When I try to visualize that word in action I think of myself sitting in a small boat in a stream, paddles pulled inside, allowing the movement of the water to take me where it wills. Another vision I have is that relaxing in a quiet place, mesmerized by the puffy white clouds floating along on the canvas of a beautiful blue sky. These are relaxing and refreshing […]
  • Prayer and Anxiety
    Today’s blog is about prayer and anxiety. If you haven’t read last week’s blog on “The Ugly Face of Anxiety,” please go back and read it before continuing to read this one  I believe a great deal of the personal pain and problems I mention in that blog could be avoided. “How?” you  ask. By following a correct approach through prayer when we first realize anxiety is becoming a problem. I don’t say this to condemn or judge anyone who deals with chronic anxiety. I simply want to stress […]
  • The Ugly Face of Anxiety (Part Two)
    Today, I will attempt to describe for you the ugly face of anxiety. In part one of this three-part series, I glamorized anxiety a bit by drawing attention to the fact that some degree of anxiety can be good, and serve us quite well. I  encourage you to go back and read that blog if you missed it. We are certainly living in difficult times. This information (included in last week’s blog) is a stark reminder that anxiety is showing its ugly face in the lives of many people. […]

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