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My Books. You will find my books here or by scrolling down to the next section. Some books are available as e-books, as well as paperback. My latest book, Heaven’s Currency…Investing In The Things That Matter Most is available here on my website at a reduced cost or from Amazon. I believe this is a book for our time, potentially a game-changer for those looking for ways to live proactively in a very difficult time in our world. Check out what’s being said about this book!

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    What is there to love about God? I began blogging about this question five weeks ago and am finding it hard to stop. I hope what I’m finding in the Psalms is as encouraging and reassuring to you as it has been for me; the psalms are an inexhaustible mine if riches about our Lord. So, let’s keep digging. Today we are looking at some verses in Psalm 37. This is a place I sometimes go when life is difficult and the world seems to have gone over the edge […]
  • What Is There To Love About God ? (Part Four)
    Psalm 86 is another of David’s psalms. The opening words tell us something is wrong, something very troubling is going on, ” Incline your ear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am afflicted and needy.” What is it that has prompted David’s desperate prayer? What is troubling him to the point that he is so direct in his plea for God’s help? You may recall that God became disgusted with Saul and gave the kingdom of Israel to David. However, being king over Israel was no easy task. I can […]
  • What Is There to Love About God? (part three)
    “What is there to  love about God?” That is the question we have been exploring in the previous couple of blogs. We have looked at Psalms 23 and 103, both attributed to King David. In those magnificent works he has told us many things about God and why we should love Him. We explore our question today by considering some words about God from Psalm 100, a psalm not specifically identified with David’s writing. However, looking at what is being said here about the Lord will lead you to conclude […]

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