MY “To Do” List




My “To Do” List

For many years I have had the habit of making a weekly “To DO” list. This process helps me organize and prioritize the things I want to get done and keeps me focused. It also serves as a way to evaluate how I have invested my valuable time.

This week, just as I have done many times, I have included “Encourage someone daily” on my list. Why do I do this? First, as a believer, it is imperative that I show concern for the needs of others. And, given the times we are in, everyone could use a friendly “How are you doing?” or “I’m praying for you” message.

Another reason why I do this is that I’m repaying a debt of gratitude for all those people whose words and actions have helped and encouraged me to face various challenges and disappointments that threatened to dissuade me from my goals. My memories take me to my parents, church members, teachers, pastors, a college president, businessmen and women, employers and colleagues who have blessed my life with words and actions that showed a sincere interest in me.  I’m sure my journey would have been much more difficult had those people not made the effort to encourage me.

I regret not recognizing the impact many of these people had on my life and not thanking them before they departed us. However, their memories live on and continue that ministry of encouragement. I am grateful for these folks and want to continue to do what I can to let others know they are being remembered in prayer and that I will do what I can to help in practical ways.  

By the way, I woke up this morning feeling a bit lonely, low energy, isolated and generally out of touch with God. Getting “out of myself” and sending an encouraging text, making a call or writing a note is one of the surest ways I have found to cure blues.

It is quite likely you know someone who needs and encouraging word or action from you today. Make the effort. You never know just what such an action will do to lift their spirit and instill the courage they need to keep moving ahead.

God bless you.

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  1. I create a TO DO list everyday and keep it current in Outlook.
    Don’t know how you can be successful without it.Teach all of my employees to do the same.

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