Great Rewards Come to Those Who Follow Christ!

 When my children were young, I would talk with them about their choices and the consequences of their actions. There were times when I warned them to consider how their decision would trigger results they would not like. Why did I do this? Because I love them and wanted the best life can offer for them. If you are a caring parent, you know what I mean and have likely done the same thing.  Responsible parents want their children to understand that choices have consequences. Bad choices bring bad results […]

My Choices, My Character and My Destiny

“My choices determine my character, which in turn determines my destiny.” Think about this statement, what does it mean?   Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go in life? Your choices will form your character. Who you become will determine your ultimate destiny. Sometimes we are confronted with competing choices. What will we do? Where will our choice take us?  Choices are important. Of course, some choices are more important than others. The choices to marry, and who to marry, are infinitely more life-changing than what […]

Two Worlds In Conflict

You live in two worlds that are in conflict. This is the third of the 5 Life-Changing Truths we are considering in this series of blogs. Take a moment and think about this idea,” I live in a two-world marketplace in which I invest every day.” To make this a bit more real, say this aloud to yourself and consider what it implies. Let this sink in, to permeate your thoughts and feelings. Please allow the words that follow to help you explore this potentially life-altering truth. Every day you […]

Your Life is a Time-Sensitive Trust from God

Your life is a time-sensitive trust from God. Think about this great biblical truth and what it can/should mean to the way you invest your time, energy, and money. Before I explore this potentially life-altering truth with you, I want to review a couple of things that will help you understand where I’m attempting to go with this. In my book, I have a chapter I call “Five Truths That Can Change Your Life.” In the event you have not read the introductory blog to this series and Truth […]

God Loves You and Has a Plan for Your Life

God loves you has a plan for your life. This is life-changing truth # 1! Why is it # 1, the most important fact of your life? Think about the impact that believing that truth can have on your life. If you believe there is a God who is the Creator and ultimate authority of this world, then it matters what you believe He thinks about you. This can make all the difference in your life!  We were created by God to live in relationships with Him and others. For […]

5 Life-Changing Truths

Several months ago I wrote a series of blogs about “5 Life-Changing Truths.” I believe it’s time to re-visit these potentially life-altering truths. The reason for this will become apparent as you read further. Why this series, this subject, why now? Because truth is vital to living well and to healthy relationships. And, there is evidence there is a concerted effort to replace foundational truths with lies.   Because this is such an important subject, let me share a definition, and my understanding of the meaning of the word “truth.” The […]

The Big Picture

Do you long for meaning and purpose in life? Do you want to be remembered well by family and friends when you are gone? Do you want your life to have counted for something worthwhile, to have made a difference in someone’s life? I can say “absolutely yes” to each of these questions. That’s why I spend hours each week attempting to craft a blog that may be helpful to someone I may not even know. I want to make a difference for someone. We are made for the “Big […]

Christmas, How Much Does It Cost?

Christmas. How much is it going to cost you this year? Do you know? Or, maybe you’re one of those “last-minute” shoppers who won’t know til the “night before Christmas.” Each year Cecelia and I budget a certain amount we will spend on each other, the four grandchildren, and six additional family members. This way we can plan and attempt to stay within our budget. We have generally spent the same amount each year, but what seemed to be a rather generous gift when we started this process has, like […]

The Name Above All Names

The name. One particular name, Jesus, is probably on the lips and in the thoughts of millions of people more at this time of year than at any other. That’s because it’s getting close to our annual celebration of Christmas. Although the holiday isn’t named after Jesus, “Christmas” certainly represents what he came to accomplish in God’s plan to save lost humanity. Here’s an interesting article that gives more detail about the origin and meaning of the word Christmas, as well as other information. What does the name Jesus […]

The Promise

When our children were young they would sometimes ask Cecelia or me to “promise” to do something or get something for them that they wanted. We were always very careful to say something like, “We will think about that but we can’t promise we will do it.” Sometimes our reasoning about the request had to do with what such a promise would cost us. Another factor in our unwillingness to make a quick promise to their request was the fact that life circumstances might make granting their wish impossible. We […]