Questions People Ask

The following are some questions you may have asked about marriage, parenting, or your growth as a Christian.

Here are some quick answers and direction to some of my materials that may give you the help you are wanting.

Q. What do you think about spanking?

There are situations when a spanking is warranted but I would use it sparingly and as a last resort. There are usually much better ways to get your child to cooperate. See pages 73-84 in my book, Parenting With A Purpose. You may also find this blog related to parental authority helpful as you set boundaries for your child

Q. What do you do when your child  says “I want to be baptized”?

I would say something like this. “Johnny, I’m glad you are thinking about this. Tell me why you want to be baptized.” Listen carefully and use more open-ended questions to bring out his thinking. For more help see I’m Big Enough and Children and the Christian Faith, pp.52-58, 67-71 and 89-94

Q. How do you know when a child is ready to become a Christian?

There are several things to consider but one of the most important is the child’s persistence, he continues to want to make this decision. See pages 18-23 and 52-58 in Children and the Christian Faith. You may find this blog on the faith adventure helpful.  

Q. How do I keep from damaging my child with my personal “baggage?”

That’s a great question and reveals some good insight about how easy it is to put our stuff on our child. The fact that you’re concerned about it is a good start. Now, to do something about the issue, you can read an entire chapter on this in my book, Parenting With A Purpose. This blog emphasizes the importance of owning our “stuff”

Q.  What can I do to help my marriage become one that honors the Lord?

I have discovered in my 50+ years of marriage and many years of counseling that there is always work to do. We never really “arrive” at the the place where everything is perfect. Having said that, there are three things we can focus on that, if done consistently well, will build a strong and healthy relationship. You will find what I have discovered in Marriage Is What You Make It.