How Do I Change Directions?

How do I change directions? This blog addresses the last of the “Four Important Life Questions” series we began together on the first Wednesday of this New Year. Thank you for hanging in and doing the hard work required by honestly answering the previous three questions: (1) Where am I?, (2) How did I get to where I am?, and (3) Where am I going? Are you ready to change something about the way you do life? The change may be something small or truly life-altering. It may require you […]

Where Are You Going?

Where are you going? Where will you be if you continue the path you are on? Regrettably, some people look back on life and remember bad decisions that set them on a destructive course in life. Others wish they had taken a chance or a risk instead of being frozen by fear. Day after day they took the broad road of least effort or resistance and gave little thought to where the road would end. Does this sound familiar? Is this what Jesus meant by his warning in Matthew 7:13-14? […]

How Did You Get To Where You Are?

How did you get to where you are? In the previous blog I raised the question, “where are you?” Hopefully, you’ve given some serious thought to what it is that is causing some real discomfort and pain in your relationships or other areas of your life. You know that getting that problem resolved would make life much more pleasant and easier for you. You think you know the problem, but where do you start to fix it? This may come as a surprise to you, but what you think is […]

Where Are You?

Where are you? This is the first important life-question you must think deeply about and understand if you are to make the changes necessary to get you to a better place in life. In order to plan a new course, to change direction, you must deal with the reality of the here and now. Thus, the first question. Where are you?  Let me explain what I mean by this question. So far as I know, the first recorded instance of this question was God’s question to Adam in the Garden […]

Is It Time For A Change?

Is it time for a change? The tumultuous 2022 ended a few days ago. That was a rough year for many of us and we hope 2023 will be kinder to us. Perhaps you, like many folks have made or are making goals for the New Year. You want some things in your relationships and other aspects of life to change and see 2023 as an opportunity to re-set, to start over, or make some changes and adjustments that will make your life more enjoyable and meaningful. Is it time […]


Gratitude, the cure for a bad attitude. As most of you know, I’m in my eighth decade here on this planet. I’ve made lots of trips around the sun on this spinning ball we call earth. And in my days, I’ve experienced good and bad, gain and loss, health and sickness, success and failure, and satisfaction and disappointment. From time to time I’ve been known to remark to another “mature” adult, “By the time you learn how to live, it’s almost time to die.” Most times that remark is acknowledged […]

The Name

The name. One particular name, Jesus, is probably on the lips and in the thoughts of millions of people  more  at this time of year than at any other. That’s because it’s getting close to our annual celebration of Christmas. Although the holiday isn’t named after Jesus, “Christmas” certainly represents what he came to accomplish in God’s plan to save lost humanity. Here’s an interesting article that gives more detail about the origin and meaning of the word Christmas, as well as other information. What does the name Jesus […]

Christmas, How Much Does It Cost?

Christmas. How much is it going to cost you this year? Several years ago Cecelia and I decided to budget a certain  amount we would spend on each other, the four grandchildren, and six additional family members. This way we could plan and control the amount we would give. We have generally given the same amount of money each year, but what seemed to be a rather generous gift when we started this process has become the victim of inflation. Can we consider increasing the amount we give to compensate […]

The Promise

The promise I’m writing about in this blog is the most important, most far-reaching, most fantastic, and most inclusive promise made in human history. It is the promise related to Christmas, the holy day we Christians celebrate this time of year. I will attempt to explore the greatest promise in human history by looking at four questions: What is the Promise? When was the Promise made? Who is the Promise-Maker? Has the Promise been kept? Christmas season is upon us again. As a matter of fact, advertisers have been pushing […]

Working Yourself Out of a Job

Parenting is a job. It requires a lot from you. You must show up to work, be consistent in the way you  provide physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual guidance. Your job is to provide an environment in which your child feels loved, safe, and encouraged to become all God created him/her to be. The  job of parenting is an honor to have, scary in the scope of responsibility, and growth-producing to any parent that gives a good effort at it. But, parenting is not a lifetime job. It is not […]