What Is There To Love About God? (Part Five)

What is there to love about God? I began blogging about this question five weeks ago and am finding it hard to stop. I hope what I’m finding in the Psalms is as encouraging and reassuring to you as it has been for me; the psalms are an inexhaustible mine if riches about our Lord. So, let’s keep digging. Today we are looking at some verses in Psalm 37. This is a place I sometimes go when life is difficult and the world seems to have gone over the edge […]

What Is There To Love About God ? (Part Four)

Psalm 86 is another of David’s psalms. The opening words tell us something is wrong, something very troubling is going on, ” Incline your ear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am afflicted and needy.” What is it that has prompted David’s desperate prayer? What is troubling him to the point that he is so direct in his plea for God’s help? You may recall that God became disgusted with Saul and gave the kingdom of Israel to David. However, being king over Israel was no easy task. I can […]

What Is There to Love About God? (part three)

“What is there to  love about God?” That is the question we have been exploring in the previous couple of blogs. We have looked at Psalms 23 and 103, both attributed to King David. In those magnificent works he has told us many things about God and why we should love Him. We explore our question today by considering some words about God from Psalm 100, a psalm not specifically identified with David’s writing. However, looking at what is being said here about the Lord will lead you to conclude […]

What Is There To Love About God ? (part two)

Today we continue to ask  “What is there to love about God?” Scripture tells us that God wants us to love Him more than family, career, friends, personal goals, ambitions, and possessions. In other words, He doesn’t want what we have, He wants Us! He desires first place in our hearts and affections; to put anything before Him is idolatry. In last week’s blog, we began looking at this question through the eyes of David, a man whom God had elevated from the lowly work of a shepherd to becoming […]

What is there to Love about God?

What Is There to Love About God? Over several recent blogs, I have shared  ideas about “Learning to Love” and “Learning How to Love God.” Those writings have focused on our relationship with God and our need to grow in our ability to give Him the respect and love He deserves. My two latest blogs were about how Jesus shows us how to love God through commitment, priority, availability, openness, and  obedience. While reflecting recently on what I’ve written about loving God I became aware of an important question I […]

Jesus Shows Us How to Love God (Part Two)

This is the second part of the blog titled ” Jesus Shows Us How to Love God” which I began last week. Jesus shows us how to love God through our commitment, priority, and availability to Him. Here’s the link for that blog should you want to review what that’s about /https://www.cosdavis.com/jesus-shows-us-how-to-love-god-part-one/ Openness. A particular scripture about Jesus comes to mind when He shows us how to love God. It is about growth toward God and realizing one’s purpose. This has nothing to do with a lack of moral perfection […]

Jesus Shows Us How to Love God (Part One)

  Jesus shows us how to love God the way he deserves to be loved. While we are not Jesus and cannot love God perfectly, we have been left with some strong indicators of how we are to try to live. For me, learning how to love God involves commitment, priority, openness, availability, , and obedience. To live this way I must look to Jesus as my model for knowing how to love the Father. My daily strength to do this comes from the Holy Spirit. I want to use […]

Learning to Love God

Learning to Love God (Part One) Jesus tells us to “love God with all our mind, soul, and strength.”(Matthew 22:37) That is how he lived while here on earth, but he was the only one to ever do that perfectly. This is one of those tall spiritual mountains we are challenged to climb but most of us do not have an inclination to try. Even if we do, we do not have the ability to do this by our own strength. To put our Father first in everything we do, […]

Learning to Love

Learning to Love Over the past several posts I have been discussing with you some of the various aspects of “balance” and how it affects almost every aspect of our lives: financial, physical, emotional, health, and what we may call “spiritual.” You may recall that in the last post I raised the question,“ Is a Balanced Life Possible?” I indicated my belief that there has only been ONE perfectly balanced life, that of Jesus Christ. He is the only one who has ever fulfilled the requirements of God’s Law as […]

Is A Balanced Life Possible?

     In my initial post on”balance,” we talked a lot about the importance of balance to athletes and how balance plays an important role in almost every aspect of our daily lives. It matters in our budgets, our health, our emotional lives, our marriages, and many other areas. You probably have a pretty good idea or feeling of what balance or imbalance is like in those areas. But don’t you think it would helpful to have a definition of the word (balance) to guide us as we think about […]