Need an Adjustment?




Need an Adjustment?

I went to a chiropractor recently for an adjustment to begin the process to realign my neck in order to alleviate a problem with my shoulder. This was my first chiropractic adjustment and, while not painful, held a few surprises. I’ll not bore you with the details but it got me thinking about “adjustments” I’ve had in other areas of my life. Some have been much more difficult than the experience with the chiropractor.

For example, “You’re getting too big for your britches” is a warning I heard from Mama more than once in my growing-up years. I interpreted that to mean things such as, “You need to change your attitude, your tone of voice, you need to adjust your thinking, or you are about to be in real trouble if you don’t immediately stop what you’re doing to irritate me.” She was a great mom but there were certain things she wouldn’t tolerate and when she let me know I was about to cross that line, I did what any kid with common sense would do. I adjusted to her rules and I lived another day.

Mama had her rules, the chiropractor has his standards for adjustment and God, our Father, has His rules. Mama corrected me because she loved me. I let the chiropractor adjust me because I trust his standards with the hope he will help alleviate my shoulder problem. Why does God give us the Ten Commandments? Why the other behavioral standards such as “You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart, mind and soul… and you shall love your neighbor as yourself?”

God knows what we need to be truly happy and balanced in life. He works in all kinds of situations to accomplish one basic goal, to improve our character to the point that the attitude of Jesus becomes our approach to life. As I read scripture and pray I am often made aware of the need for attitude and behavioral adjustments. It hasn’t failed me yet. When I make the adjustment, I and those I care about are the better for it.

What about You? Is there something in your life that needs adjusting?    

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