Trust, A Delicate Flower

Webster defines trust as “assured reliance on the character, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Let that sink in a minute. Where do your thoughts take you? Do you have an unreliable vehicle or appliance?

One of our greatest needs as human beings is to feel safe with others, to believe another person can be trusted to always want and seek what is best for us. This kind of faith is the glue that makes your marriage and friendships work. Trust in you as their parent is what helps your child feel emotionally safe and provides a character example for them to

Trust is an important quality that seems to be in short supply nowadays. For many years I’ve been hearing that people have been losing faith in government and institutions such as the church.  Why have people become skeptical of many political leaders, church leaders, educational leaders, and government agencies? For the same reason, husbands and wives lose trust in each other. For the same reason, parents and children doubt each other. For the same reason, friendships fall apart. Our form of government, the purpose of the church, and the ideal of marriage and family are not the problem. Character is the issue. More specifically, the lack of trustworthiness is the heart of the issue. 

This 2022 Gallup Poll reflects the sad state of distrust our citizens have in many of our institutions.

Trust is like a delicate flower that grows only in a certain kind of environment. Take that environment away and the flower gradually shrivels up and dies. The same is true about all our important relationships.

Here are some of the things I think help this delicate flower  thrive:

  1. Be honest in what you say and do. Do not deliberately or carelessly mislead someone.
  2. Be consistent in your words and actions. Be careful to “practice what you preach.”
  3. Own your mistakes and apologize for any wrong you do and attempt to repair the relationship.
  4. Do not blame others or your circumstances for your bad choices and actions.
  5. Respect the thoughts and feelings of others. Everyone is created in the image of God and should not be treated as a “thing” to get what you want. Follow the “golden rule.”

Here’s a story about my Cuckoo clock that illustrates how important trust is and the critical role it plays in our relationships and common things we depend on, like a Cuckoo clock.

Perhaps there are other nutrients you would add to what helps your delicate flower of trust thrive. What is important to you in growing a trusting relationship? Share that with me. Thanks. Cos

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