Two Worlds In Conflict

You live in two worlds that are in conflict. This is the third of the 5 Life-Changing Truths we are considering in this series of blogs. Take a moment and think about this idea,” I live in a two-world marketplace in which I invest every day.” To make this a bit more real, say this aloud to yourself and consider what it implies. Let this sink in, to permeate your thoughts and feelings. Please allow the words that follow to help you explore this potentially life-altering truth. Every day you […]

The Big Picture

Do you long for meaning and purpose in life? Do you want to be remembered well by family and friends when you are gone? Do you want your life to have counted for something worthwhile, to have made a difference in someone’s life? I can say “absolutely yes” to each of these questions. That’s why I spend hours each week attempting to craft a blog that may be helpful to someone I may not even know. I want to make a difference for someone. We are made for the “Big […]

Truth Is

Truth Is…..essential for building trust. This is the case whether you are dealing with people or with a Cuckoo clock. Speaking of Cuckoo clocks, let me tell you about mine. Please indulge me in the event you’ve heard this story before. While visiting Europe in 2011 Cecelia and I decided to buy a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest area. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery along the Rhine river when we came upon this charming German village. After looking at many styles and price ranges of clocks, we decided on […]

Parenting Love, Is Yours Healthy?

Parenting Love, Is Yours Healthy?  I want to believe most parents “love” their children. However, I’m convinced by experience that some parents do not have a healthy love for their child. What I mean by this statement will become more obvious as you read further. Loving your child in a healthy way is not such an easy thing to do. It is not that your child doesn’t need or deserve such love but healthy love requires a high degree of personal discipline and maturity. Good parenting can’t be done by […]

Where Does Successful Parenting Begin?

Where Does Successful Parenting Begin? In the event you have missed the first blog in this series “Want to be a Successful Parent?” or want to review it, here is the place to start Where does successful parenting start? Does it begin at the birth of a child? Having a child makes you a parent but does it make you a successful one? Does it begin with reading books on child development or parenting strategies or techniques? While this is commendable and can prove helpful, good parenting does not begin […]

Want to be a Successful Parent?

Want to Be A Successful Parent? This is the first of six blogs I’m calling “Principles of Successful Parenting.” In these blogs we will be looking at the idea of “success” as it applies to Christian parents who want to do a really good job in parenting their children. If that is your goal and desire as a parent, let’s begin with a definition of what it means to succeed.  If you “google” the definition of success, you will find numerous ideas with one central theme. Success is determined by […]

Looking Ahead-A Parenting Series

Looking ahead. We have come to the exciting finish of  ” Five Life-Changing Truths.” I hope you have found these biblical messages to be encouraging and challenging in your walk with the Lord.  My purpose for this message is to tell you what’s next, to look ahead at what I’ll be sending your way over the next several weeks. Beginning the second week in October, I will be doing a series of 6 blogs on parenting called “Biblical Foundations for Successful Parenting.” There is so much at risk for our […]

Toxic Thinking

Toxic thinking. Have you ever known someone whose thinking has been poisoned by the words and actions of others? I’ve known several folks like this. Many of them developed toxic thought patterns about themselves because of verbal abuse by a wounded parent. There is an old saying in Scripture that goes something like this, “The parents have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” Toxic or poisoned thinking is often a generational issue; the grandparent is angry from an unhealed wound, afflicts their child with their […]

Free ebook copy of Heaven’s Currency

  Heaven’s Currency e-book free. Here’s your opportunity to check out my book without any risk or cost to you. I am offering a free e-book to anyone who wants it for three days only, July 12,13, and 14. Get it for yourself or encourage a family member or friend to get it. Here’s all you need to do: Click this link and enter Heaven’s Currency in the search bar. How easy is that. It will only take you a couple of minutes. I’ve had wonderful reviews on the book […]

Parenting Character

Successful parenting starts with you, the parent. Your character, who you are deep inside determines what you value most and how you will live. Character also determines the kind of parent you will be. So, who are you? What values are at the core of your being? Are you kind and gentle? Selfish, arrogant or prideful? Are you a know-it-all or are you open to learning new ways of thinking and doing things? Most importantly, does your character resemble God’s view of who he is capable of making you? God […]