Free ebook copy of Heaven’s Currency


The Big PictureHeaven’s Currency e-book free. Here’s your opportunity to check out my book without any risk or cost to you. I am offering a free e-book to anyone who wants it for three days only, July 12,13, and 14. Get it for yourself or encourage a family member or friend to get it. Here’s all you need to do: Click this link and enter Heaven’s Currency in the search bar.

How easy is that. It will only take you a couple of minutes. I’ve had wonderful reviews on the book and believe it will be a book to bless and encourage you. Once you’ve read it, I would be pleased if you would add your review to that of those who have already enjoyed it. Whether or not you do that, I want you to have the book, free with no obligation. Time is short. Get it now. Thanks, Cos

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