Two Worlds In Conflict

You live in two worlds that are in conflict. This is the third of the 5 Life-Changing Truths we are considering in this series of blogs.

Take a moment and think about this idea,” I live in a two-world marketplace in which I invest every day.” To make this a bit more real, say this aloud to yourself and consider what it implies. Let this sink in, to permeate your thoughts and feelings.

Please allow the words that follow to help you explore this potentially life-altering truth.

Every day you and I invest in the two-world marketplace in which we live. This is the third life-changing truth I write about in  my book,

Are you a follower of Jesus? If so, you must understand what it means that you “live in two worlds.” As a consequence of your decision to follow him, your daily decisions about the way you spend your time, money, and energy are to be guided by the superior claims of Jesus in your life. You belong to Jesus and his world, not to this world.

The “two-world” idea is directly expressed or implied in many of Jesus’ teachings, i.e., Parable of the Talents, Sermon on the Mount, etc.  Sincere followers of Jesus understand that life has a purpose and that we are accountable to our Creator for how we use our lives.

Ponder this reality for a moment. You and I  live in two realms at the same time; we live temporarily in this physical world that exists within a spiritual realm. This spiritual realm is invisible, most of the time, but it is every bit as real as the trees, houses, and people around us.

Both worlds have a marketplace with something to “sell” us. And, every day we make choices to invest our time, money, and energies in what one or both of these markets have to offer. I like the way someone has put it. ” Believers swim in the same water as the unsaved. We are pilgrims on earth, just passing through. Our true home is in heaven.”  

What are these conflicting marketplaces selling?

The physical or temporary world we live in is beset by inflation, as well as many other challenges. You are paying more than ever for milk, bread, and other necessities at the store or marketplace where you buy these things. You purchase things you need at physical stores such as Kroger’s, Publix, or Walmart or virtual sites such as Amazon, Overstock, Macy’s, and multitudes of others.

At these marketplaces, you can invest money in an unimaginable variety of food, clothing, electronics, automobiles, books, vacations, etc. You can exchange your money for these goods and services by inserting a plastic card in a machine or entering your card’s information at a website checkout. Enter your pin, click a button and the purchase is done. You are provided with a set of tires or a good meal with your family for your investment. You have invested in the physical marketplace in which you live out your days. But physical goods are not all the world’s marketplace is trying to sell us.

It is important to remember that the world is also selling us ideas and philosophies of life, as it is selling us necessities such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc. In Romans 12:1-2 Paul warns us of the kind of “world” that is opposed to Christ and his teachings, “Do not be conformed to the beliefs of this world ..”(my translation) 

We can see “this world’s” influence all around us. For example, I believe we are currently in very dangerous times. Some politicians and wealthy donors with destructive, atheistic ideologies are sowing divisiveness and lies which can destroy the basic foundations on which our country was founded.

At the same time, too few of us are aware or concerned with the implications of what this evil can do to destroy the freedoms we take for granted. Satan is on the loose, having a heyday in our country!

Here’s an article on the world and the church that I found interesting, perhaps you will also.

The other marketplace in which we invest is spiritual, unseen but just as real as the physical one. The spiritual marketplace recognizes the necessities we must have to survive and thrive physically but insists that life is about more than food, clothing, and accumulating material wealth. The spiritual marketplace’s view is that we are made in the image of God and need something the world marketplace can’t give. This is where the rub comes in.

Because of this view of who we are, the values of the heavenly marketplace are often in conflict with the values, ideas, and products advertised and sold in the world’s markets. The spiritual marketplace (heaven) offers abundant life in the here and now and the promise of eternal life through a personal relationship with God. 

It is important to understand what these marketplaces offer so you can become a savvy investor. So, what are you buying? Every day you and I invest time, money, words, talents, and energy. Each day we spend twenty-four hours at work, sleeping, and doing various other kinds of activities. We spend money to support the people and things we value. We give our talents to help others in organizations we consider important and use our words and energy to promote values that are important to us. 

What is your return on the investments from the world you are choosing to follow? If your goal is pleasure, what you can see, taste, feel, and take from life before you die, that is how you will invest your life.

Likewise, if you believe your life is a gift from God to be used for His glory, you will choose to invest your life in developing personal character and faithful relationships. In both instances, you choose how you invest with the hope of getting a return on your investment.

two worldsTwo Worlds, one choice. You live in a two-world marketplace with two fundamental choices; to live by God’s plan or go the way of this world. This choice is the most consequential one a human being is ever called on to make. Two worlds vie for your affection and devotion. And, choose, you must. This choice has serious attendant consequences; it determines the direction of the brief life you have on earth and your eternal destiny.

How will you invest your life today? Will you give your life to Jesus or live by the values of the fallen world? For more on this idea of how you are investing your life click 

My book, Heaven’s Currency, Investing In The Things That Matter Most, goes into great detail about the issues involved in living in two worlds. Check it out and find clarity and help with the battles we face every day. 

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  1. Cos,

    Great to hear about the book! Will pray for success and a book even sooner than the spring.


  2. So excited for you! I can’t wait to read it and brag that we know the author personally. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  3. Yes, a temporary citizen of this world, but by God’s grace and mercy an eternal citizen of heaven!

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