Your Life is a Time-Sensitive Trust from God

lifeYour life is a time-sensitive trust from God. Think about this great biblical truth and what it can/should mean to the way you invest your time, energy, and money.

Before I explore this potentially life-altering truth with you, I want to review a couple of things that will help you understand where I’m attempting to go with this. In my book, I have a chapter I call “Five Truths That Can Change Your Life.”

In the event you have not read the introductory blog to this series and Truth #1, here are the links where you can read them before exploring what I have to say here. Introduction: Truth # 1

The idea that your life is a time-sensitive trust is a foundational concept in  Christianity. Biblical concepts such as stewardship, responsibility, judgment, rewards, discipleship, and Christ’s lordship rest on the premise that we have been entrusted with something.

A trust is a property or interest held by one person for the profit or benefit of another. The owner of the property or interest in this case is God, your Creator. You are the trustee or steward of the life God has given you.  

This trust, your life has a limit to it. In other words, it’s time-sensitive. The Bible teaches us that our time on earth is limited, some day we will die. Of course, we know this from experience as well. 

Some people live as if they will never die but they are wrong. We don’t know when our time will expire but it will because God’s Word tells us it will. Common sense also verifies this reality, over 166,000 people in the world die every day.

Accepting the fact of our morality should help us think about how we spend the time God gives us. As the old Latin phrase says, “Tempus Fugit,” time flies. 

Your life is a time-sensitive TRUST from God. Our life is a gift, a trust to be lived to the glory of God. This is true of everyone who has ever lived. God is the originator, the giver, and the sustainer of our life.

What is it that God has entrusted to you? He has entrusted you with your life and all that comes with it. This implies that you belong to Him. Your body, wealth, gifts, talents, and time belong to Him.

According to scriptural teachings such as The Parable of the Talents, you are accountable for how you manage His interests. 1 Peter 118-19 is one of numerous New Testament reminders of the tremendous price Jesus paid to save us and make us His own, “You were not redeemed with perishable things like silver and gold…but with precious blood…the blood of Christ.”

Does all this matter to you? Do you believe this truth to the depth that it makes a difference in how you live? Truth is useless to us if we do not embrace it and the implications it has for us. For example, I have electricity installed in my home and “believe” by flipping a switch it can expel darkness and allow me to see where I am going. The truth (electricity) is there but I must choose to use it before the truth can benefit me. I must do something, flip the switch.

If your time is limited, and if what Christ has done to save you is true, what are you going to do about it? What are you willing to do, to change in order to take it seriously? How will you treat God, yourself, and others in light of this truth? God gives us only one day at a time and that is all we have.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come for us, we only have NOW. Let’s give God and others our best today and every day that He gives us.  

” We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill 

There are a couple of questions I want you to consider.

First, has there been a time when you have deliberately made a choice to turn over your life to God? Have you repented, turned away from the selfish life you have been living, and trusted Christ to save you and give you a new life? If not, please surrender yourself to the Lord now; you don’t know how long you have left to decide your eternal destiny.

Second, if you are a believer, is there some issue in your life that has a hold on you that you need to surrender to the Lord? Our time is limited and we need to live every day in obedience to the Lord. He gave his life for us and deserves nothing less than our complete devotion. 

Give the  Lord and others your best today because you life is a time-sensitive trust. How would you live if you knew this is your last day to live?

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