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Overwhelming! For three days last week I made my e book “free” on Amazon. The response was as I said, “overwhelming.” Perhaps you were one of the many who took advantage of my offer. I am glad to be  able to provide my weekly blogs for free, and occasionally give copies of different books away as well. I hope what I  am trying to do will be helpful in your daily walk with the Lord.

5 Star ReviewsI have several 5 STAR reviews on my book Heaven’s Currency! And, I need more reviews in order to run ads to sell it on Amazon. I know you are busy, but would you consider putting it on your “to do” list this week? I think this should take less than an hour. And, I know you will feel good by doing something helpful for someone this week.

Don’t know how to do an Amazon review? Don’t know what you might want to say? Well, here’s an example of a review one of my readers did recently.

“There is an ever-present competition in this life for our energies, finances, and souls. I feel it so intensely in parenting, having a good deal of control over where my young children will invest themselves and in what influences are given priority. As believers, we desire for our lives to align with God’s priorities, but the confusion in this world that dominates over clear truth can make this difficult. This book draws clear paths for self evaluation and decision making, firmly rooted in God’s words. The reflective questions at the end of each chapter are excellent for journaling and discussion with family or in a study group. Thanks to this author for pointing individuals to truth in a world that is starving for it and for making it actionable.”

Please consider doing this big favor for me, thanks. Suggestion: You may want to sketch out what you want to write and then follow this step by step process to do your review:

  1. Go to amazon.com.
  2. Type Heaven’s Currency in the search bar.
  3. Click on the picture of my book and scroll down until you see “product details” on the left side of the page.
  4. Some distance below “products details” you will be able to read customer reviews. Just down to the left you can click on “write a customer review” and begin.

While I would like to have your 5 Star rating, the important thing is for you to give a clear, honest appraisal of my book so that others can make a decision of whether or not they want to spend the money to read it.

I believe this book has the potential to help people of all walks of life come to grips with a biblical understanding of the meaning of our existence, and learn to invest their money, time, and energies in the things that matter most. Your review can help get the word out. Thanks for considering, Cos



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