Need an Adjustment?




Need an Adjustment?

I went to a chiropractor recently for an adjustment to begin the process to realign my neck in order to alleviate a problem with my shoulder. This was my first chiropractic adjustment and, while not painful, held a few surprises. I’ll not bore you with the details but it got me thinking about “adjustments” I’ve had in other areas of my life. Some have been much more difficult than the experience with the chiropractor.

For example, “You’re getting too big for your britches” is a warning I heard from Mama more than once in my growing-up years. I interpreted that to mean things such as, “You need to change your attitude, your tone of voice, you need to adjust your thinking, or you are about to be in real trouble if you don’t immediately stop what you’re doing to irritate me.” She was a great mom but there were certain things she wouldn’t tolerate and when she let me know I was about to cross that line, I did what any kid with common sense would do. I adjusted to her rules and I lived another day.

Mama had her rules, the chiropractor has his standards for adjustment and God, our Father, has His rules. Mama corrected me because she loved me. I let the chiropractor adjust me because I trust his standards with the hope he will help alleviate my shoulder problem. Why does God give us the Ten Commandments? Why the other behavioral standards such as “You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart, mind and soul… and you shall love your neighbor as yourself?”

God knows what we need to be truly happy and balanced in life. He works in all kinds of situations to accomplish one basic goal, to improve our character to the point that the attitude of Jesus becomes our approach to life. As I read scripture and pray I am often made aware of the need for attitude and behavioral adjustments. It hasn’t failed me yet. When I make the adjustment, I and those I care about are the better for it.

What about You? Is there something in your life that needs adjusting?    

The Girl with a Nice Voice

The Girl with a Nice Voice

Recently Cecelia and I were notified to go to Nashville to get our first covid-19  shot. This was good news but I was unfamiliar with the exact location. So, on the day we were to go I put the address information into the GPS, which I often refer to as “the girl with a nice voice.” I have been to Nashville hundreds of times but, as mentioned earlier, I needed help from the AI system with the exact location of the East Garage where I was instructed to park. 

As I monitored the screen I could see the distance to the garage was diminishing and soon the girl with a nice voice said “destination is on the left” and with the voice of confidence she announced “destination.” Good, I thought and made the left turn and parked in the garage. With the help of a young woman, we found the place to get our shots and everything was wonderful until…we tried to find our car.

We followed the directions of a nice employee to get back to the East Garage and found the elevator and punched the number 4.The elevator didn’t go to the 4th floor. We approached an attendant and explained where we had parked and discovered that we were in the East Garage but the reason the elevator didn’t go to the 4th floor was that this garage didn’t have the 4th floor. After about 45 minutes of walking and asking for directions, we discovered we had actually parked in the Central Garage.  

The “girl with a nice voice” had deceived me and I had been laboring for some time under wrong information, thinking I was parked somewhere I wasn’t. Bad or partial information can create real problems and confusion. Correct information can lead us to the right thinking and actions.

When we return to the same place for our second covid-19 shot I will be wiser and will trust what experience has taught me. Some information is a lie, some is partially correct and some is absolutely correct. Life experience has taught me I can’t completely trust AI and the opinions of persons with a certain agenda. However, I do have a “guidance system” which is totally true and accurate about the big things that have ultimate value and meaning in life. I can rely on God and his Word to guide me in the way I should live.

“I will meditate on thy precepts, and regard thy ways. I shall delight in thy statute;

I shall not forget thy word.” Psalm 119: 15-16  



Prayer for America

Several years ago the following prayer came to Cecelia and me from Dr. David Jeremiah and Turning Point ministries. I have used it as a bookmark in my Bible and devotional books and have often referred to it and said “Amen” to the sentiments of this petition to our Lord. Perhaps the prayer is one you will pray and share with others. Let us pray for American and commit ourselves to be part of God’s answer to our prayer in these challenging times. As Psalm reminds us: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

     Almighty God, In all of history, there has been only one nation like America–founded by pilgrims seeking freedom to worship, established on a vast continent between two oceans, dedicated to the proposition that we are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights: one nation under God. You have delivered us in war, prospered us in peace, and raised up generations willing to offer the last full measure of their devotion for the preservation of liberty at home and abroad. We have been a light for the world. From our shores has gone the greatest missionary force in history. But now, Lord, America has fallen into darkness, disobedience, and indifference. We have sinned; and we, your people, Lord, humble ourselves, and pray and seek Your face, and turn from our wicked ways. Please forgive our sin and heal our land. Give us leaders who understand the times and know what we should do. May the torch of liberty burn brightly, inflamed by the goodness of your people  God, bless America. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



How Should We Live?

The political turmoil of the past several years has served to put an exclamation point on something I’ve read about in Scripture and believed for most of my life. Evil is real. Evil predates the human race and it is still hanging around and becoming more and more pervasive in our everyday lives. One of the big issues related to why evil has such influence is because believers are often asleep or too caught up in this “temporary” world and its demands and allurements to recognize what’s going on. 

What has happened to our country? It’s deeply concerning to consider just a few of the problems. We have a national debt that is approaching thirty trillion dollars ($30,000,000,000,000). The implications of that should tell us something about the direction we are heading. But worse than that, our soul is terribly sick, if not lost. For almost fifty years we have been taking the lives of innocent babies through abortion(estimates vary from 50,000,000-60,000,000). Illegal and prescription drugs are killing our youth. Violent protests promote looting and destruction of property. It appears that many educational institutions and local schools are promoting ideas that are void of the idea of any absolute truth, re-writing our nation’s history and undermining our constitution. There also seems to be a noticeable dearth of news organizations that aren’t political and work hard to give us a “no spin” approach to what’s going on. And Washington, D.C. We are living a culture that has abandoned the One, True God. Do I need to say more?   

The issues we face in our personal lives and the societal ones just mentioned can be enough to bring on feelings of helplessness and despair. Most of our personal and national problems didn’t just happen overnight. And, they won’t get fixed overnight. Here are some suggestions I have for all of us:

1. Take responsibility for yourself. I can’t solve the problems of the world but I can do a lot to fix what’s wrong with my attitude, the way I talk, and the way I invest my time and money. 

2. Focus on some areas in which you can have influence. Do you have concerns about certain issues? Find ways to address them. Align yourself with causes that reflect your core beliefs and values. For example, I give regularly to one or two pro-life organizations, Judicial Watch, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Do what you can in areas that concern you. Don’t worry about fixing the world but do something every day to encourage someone, lift a burden and give hope. There is a saying of Mother Teresa on my refrigerator that says, “Do small things with great love.” If each of us will lovingly do the small things we can do we will make a big difference. 

3. Prepare for the battle. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6:10-18 that we are battling an enemy that we will not defeat in our own strength. Put on the armor God provides and stand against evil. And pray, pray, pray.