What Momma Said


While shopping in a big box store recently I was assisted by an elderly man named Bob. He was very helpful, friendly, and brimming with stories about his life. This type of encounter can make the task of shopping more enjoyable for me, so I listened, and listened, and listened until I left the parking lot.

 One of the things he told me about was the wild side of his life as a pro wrestler for several years. He described this period as living on the dark side of life and putting his index finger on his forehead said he was thankful that a jealous husband had not “put a bullet between my eyes.” I got it. I did not ask him to elaborate. He went on to say, “Women like that are like books with a pretty cover, pretty on the outside but empty inside.”But, thankfully for Bob, he was to become a believer, a follower of Jesus, thanks in no small part to his fourth wife to whom he has been married for forty years.

At some point, Bob met the real deal, the kind of person he could trust, and made a wise decision that has put him on the right path in life. My encounter with Bob has caused me to remember something Momma said to me when I was growing up.

 I heard this caution more than once, “Watch your company.” Sometimes you think you are pretty smart and that you have it all figured out and find out later that you should have listened to the advice of someone who can love you as a mother can. I was that person but I learned and the more I listened to her the better life got for me.   

What is the point of all this about Bob and what Momma said? Character, something many in places of leadership in our homes, churches, and government tend to give a polite “nod” to but do not really believe or practice. “Biblically speaking,” character is the basic issue of life. All the educational degrees, money, fame, Twitter followers, and celebrity you can attain will not make you a good, wise, and honest person. If you have someone in your life who will speak the truth to you, thank God and try to be that kind of person yourself. Trust is the key ingredient to all good relationships. People who love you will always do what is best for you in the long run. Thank you, Momma, for what you said. Proverbs 3:1-8.

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