The Trust Factor


Today, let’s talk about the Trust Factor.

Are we coming apart as a society?  What role does trust or the lack of it play in what appears to be a tearing apart of our nation? What role will you and your family play in making your community and your world a safer place to live? 

The Trust Factor is critically important in life. There’s a lot in the news nowadays about trust, or the lack of it, when it comes to our government leaders. Folks all over America are doubtful of the motives and capability of many of those we have elected to serve us. We have a real ”crisis of confidence” in our country and there doesn’t seem to be much prospect of it getting better. Pew research reports that only about 2 out of every 10 Americans trust our government to do what is right.

Note: There’s a link at the end of this blog to an article that explores the importance of trust in many areas. I think you will find it very helpful.

How did we come to this place and how can it be fixed? Here are some things I would recommend as beginning points.

1. Recognize how important trust is to all we do.

TRUST is a very important ingredient in life. It is present in all healthy relationships; marriage, friendship, business, parent/child, government and between leaders in the international community. Trust is foundational to the orderly and productive functioning of life.

Without it we live in uncertainty, doubtful of the word or actions of the other person or country. President Reagan said, concerning agreements with other countries, that we should “trust but verify.” There is much wisdom in that idea; trust that the other person (country) will keep their word but understand that trustworthiness is proven by action consistent with one’s promise or agreement.

2. Begin to build trust within our family.

I believe the family is the basic unit of our society. As the family goes, so goes the world. Families produce children and children grow up to serve many different functions in our world. Some become congress people, some senators, some become Supreme Court judges and a few have the honor of becoming President of the United States.  

Everyone comes from a family of some type. But every family has the responsibility to attempt to instill the character values which make a person trustworthy. Character matters and there is no place where it matters more than in your family.

As for me, I will continue to live as a follower of the Light of the World and light my little candle in the terrible darkness. What about you? What would your family and our world be like if everyone was as honest as your are? 

3. Seek out and Support people of exceptional character and leadership ability.

Ever ask yourself why we get leaders who seem more focused on their personal agendas than what is really good for our community, state, and country? It appears to me that one of the reasons is that we may have become lazy and have assumed that a political party affiliation ( D or R ) is all that is necessary to get our support.

The Trust FactorWhat’s happened to the idea that character is the first qualification we should consider in choosing our leaders? Is this person honest, do they seek to tell the truth? What is their record of doing what they say? Do they keep their promises? If people will lie about themselves or others in order to get elected, this should be a big red flag to us.

In addition to good character, people we choose to lead us should be able to lead. While personal integrity is an absolute for good leadership, that alone is not sufficient. The ability to lead involves many qualities such as:

  1. The ability to understand problems and challenges and provide solutions to address them,
  2. A strong vision to guide the work for which he/she is chosen,
  3. The skill to assemble a team of likeminded people to accomplish the vision,
  4. A servant heart that puts the needs of the served above self-pride and recognition.

This is a short list, perhaps you could improve on it. However, I do believe these four leadership qualities plus integrity would give us the kinds of leaders we must have. Our democratic republic’s survival depends on a moral people electing leaders who are themselves moral and show the kinds of qualities that can lead us to a place where the trust factor is restored in the three branches of government and our government agencies.

This implies that I must take my privilege of voting seriously and work to understand different candidates on the character and leadership qualities listed above. Important elections are ahead of us. I need to listen carefully, think, pray, and vote.

How important is trust?

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