Where Are You?

Where are you? This is the first important life-question you must think deeply about and understand if you are to make the changes necessary to get you to a better place in life. In order to plan a new course, to change direction, you must deal with the reality of the here and now. Thus, the first question.

Where are you?  Let me explain what I mean by this question.

So far as I know, the first recorded instance of this question was God’s question to Adam in the Garden of Eden after he had sinned. Adam and Eve were in deep trouble. God’s question to Adam, “Where are you?” was not about Adam’s physical location. God knew exactly where he was. The question was designed to cause Adam to consider his self-imposed predicament. In today’s language, we might say something like, “What’s going on with you?” Here’s an interesting take on this question you may want to read. (Sorry about all the commercials in this link). https://letterpile.com/religion/The-First-Question-God-Asked-Adam-Where-Are-You

where are you?The book of Acts recounts the story of the conversion of the Saul of Tarsus. When confronted by the risen Christ he came to terms with the question that turned his life around.

Where are you? is a very serious question, one each of us must answer if we are to resolve whatever it is that is holding us captive, causing us pain, and robbing us of the joy of living at our best. There is no escaping this question if we want to live freely.

Let me give you some categories to think about to jump-start your effort to answer this question.

  1. How healthy are your relationships with your spouse, children, friends, yourself, and God?
  2. What things produce significant worry or concern, i.e.; your job, money, your health or that of a family member, the direction of our country, etc.?
  3. Is there a particular sin, habit, or addiction that has some level of control over your life?

An honest answer to these questions can lead to awareness which can begin the process of a real change in the direction of some area of your life. If you are unwilling to acknowledge where you are you can’t go somewhere else. This is true whether you’re trying to find a physical location, have a better marriage, lose weight, deal with an alcohol or drug issue, get out of debt or change the basic direction of your life. You must begin where you are.

While talking with clients about what brought them to see me, I have often invited them to “paint me a word picture” of how they perceived their situation. I vividly recall one man, then in his second marriage, saying, ” I see this rope, and the strands are frayed and we’re down to the last strand and it’s about to snap.”

A woman battling depression and anxiety said, “I’m in the house looking out and there is a dark storm gathering and I see buzzards circling. Everything is just gloomy and dark.”

These people had come to the point that they were willing to admit there was a problem to be addressed. Facing reality is the beginning of a solution to the problem. But, denial of our reality leads to other unhealthy behavior and thinking that keeps us from solving the issue that is holding us back.

So, here’s my challenge to myself and you. What is the issue that is causing you to be less than God created you to be? There may be more than one but name the issue or issues. Write them out in a private place and ask God to help you be absolutely honest with Him and yourself about where you are.

Where are you? So, pick an area of your life and ask the question, “Where am I?” Being as honest as you can be will start you down the road to a better place.

Also, to help you really clarify the situation, I want you to “paint a word picture” of your situation, just as the people I mentioned above have done. What word picture would you use to describe where you are right now?

The first question that can lead to change is “where are you?” Question two will come next and will help you understand more about how you got to where you are.

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