Great Rewards Come to Those Who Follow Christ!

 When my children were young, I would talk with them about their choices and the consequences of their actions. There were times when I warned them to consider how their decision would trigger results they would not like. Why did I do this? Because I love them and wanted the best life can offer for them.

If you are a caring parent, you know what I mean and have likely done the same thing.  Responsible parents want their children to understand that choices have consequences. Bad choices bring bad results while good choices bring good results. The Bible tells us, “Do not be deceived, whatever a person sows, that he will also reap.” Galatians 6:7.

This brings us to one of the great truths we must ever keep in mind.

Great rewards will come to those who follow God’s plan. This is the fifth truth I discuss in my book, Heaven’s Currency. You will find links to the other four truths at the bottom of this blog. These realities can change your life. Please review them and remind yourself of them often as you attempt to follow the Lord.

Great rewards come to those who follow God’s plan. We reap what we sow.

For many years Cecelia and have enjoyed delicious tomatoes we planted in one of our sun-drenched flower beds. I “love” homegrown tomatoes and enjoy sharing them with neighbors. Great RewardsWhat we have noticed without exception is that we always get tomatoes from tomato plants, squash from squash seed, peppers from pepper plants, and so on. God tells us that his plan is like the law of sowing and reaping. “Follow my plan,” he says, “and you will receive great rewards.”

Isn’t that what Jesus is telling us in Matthew 6:19-20? “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” 

These great rewards I’m talking about come to us as a result of living in a faithful relationship with God. God is a our Father, we are his children. As his children, we obey what He tells us. When we obey we are rewarded spiritually. Those rewards come to us in this life, and guess what, we will have rewards waiting for us in heaven!

Rewards Every Day

What I’m telling you is true,  we don’t have to wait for heaven for God’s rewards, some of them are ours every day. Think about how good the Lord is to you every day! What are some of the great rewards we receive in the here and now?

I discuss nine of these present day rewards in my book, but I’m only going to share a couple of them here. Check out my book for the others. 

  1. You have been forgiven of your sin now, and you have become a child of God. You are born again from a life of darkness and ultimate destruction to a life secure in Christ. God is making a new person out of you, and the old patterns of selfishness, sin, and bondage will pass away as you continue to obey him. 
  2. You have the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, living in you to guide you and help you grow into the likeness of Jesus. The Spirit will lead you into truth and will comfort you in sorrow and guide you in how to make decisions that are critical for doing God’s will in your life.  

Rewards in Heaven

Of course the greatest thing about our future will be heaven with Jesus and our Heavenly Father. I’m also looking forward to being with many friends and family members who have gone ahead of me. And, there are specific rewards we will receive as a result of our obedience during our earthly lifetime.

Jesus has told us to “lay up treasures in heaven.” What are some of the treasures or rewards we can send ahead that we will receive in heaven? I will only touch on a couple of them here, you rest you can discover in my book or doing a search in the scriptures. These rewards are referred to as “crowns” in the scriptures. How many crowns are waiting for you?

  1.  The reward for a disciplined, holy lifestyle. This reward or crown is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. Many in the Corinthian church were undisciplined in their behavior and Paul challenges them and us to seek the rewards that come from living a self-disciplined life. Paul is saying that a crown awaits those whose lives are marked by self-discipline. God has something special in store for those of us who have lived in a way that has honored him. What does this say to those of us who live in a society of plenty and self-indulgence? 
  2. The reward for the person who lives in the hope of Christ’s return. First-century Christians lived with the expectation, the anticipation of Christ’s return. Paul references this hope-inspiring promise in in 2 Timothy 4:7-8 when he writes about the “crown of righteousness” for those who live in anticipation of “His appearing.” This hope inspired Paul to continue living and working as if the return of the Lord was immanent. It is certainly possible that Jesus could return today. Those who are prepared for Jesus’ return have a reward waiting for us in heaven. I hope you can say with me what the Apostle John says in the Revelation, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” 


Links to blogs 1-4 of the “Five Truths That Can Change Your Life.”

  1. God loves you and has a plan for your life.
  2. you life is a time-sensitive trust from God.
  3. You live in a two-world marketplace in which you invest every day.
  4. Your choices determine your character, which in turn determines your destiny.

Great Rewards


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2 thoughts on “Great Rewards Come to Those Who Follow Christ!

  1. It’s always wonderful to be reminded of the amazing rewards that await us. What bothers me so much concerns my parents. I have no assurance that they accepted Christ as their savior. I feel so guilty that I did not do more to convince them of God’s love.

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