Where Does Successful Parenting Begin?

Where Does Successful Parenting Begin? In the event you have missed the first blog in this series “Want to be a Successful Parent?” or want to review it, here is the place to start https://www.cosdavis.com/want-to-be-a-successful-parent/ Where does successful parenting start? Does it begin at the birth of a child? Having a child makes you a parent but does it make you a successful one? Does it begin with reading books on child development or parenting strategies or techniques? While this is commendable and can prove helpful, good parenting does not begin […]

Want to be a Successful Parent?

Want to Be A Successful Parent? This is the first of six blogs I’m calling “Principles of Successful Parenting.” In these blogs we will be looking at the idea of “success” as it applies to Christian parents who want to do a really good job in parenting their children. If that is your goal and desire as a parent, let’s begin with a definition of what it means to succeed.  If you “google” the definition of success, you will find numerous ideas with one central theme. Success is determined by […]

Whose Dream Is It?

What dream or expectations do you have for your kid? Caution. You are probably well-meaning and only want the best for your child but be sure you know if you are imposing your dream on your child. When you put you child in a position to repeat your accomplishments or to accomplish something you did not you may be using him for your own end. This is unhealthy love. Please allow me to share with you a very common way in which this can happen. Healthy love does not attempt […]