God Loves Me and Has a Plan for My Life

God loves me has a plan for my life. This is life-changing truth # 1! Why is it # 1? Think about the impact that believing that truth can have on your life. If you believe there is a God who is the creator and ultimate authority of this world, then does it matter what you believe He thinks about you? Of course it does. We were created by God to live in relationships with Him and others. You were born to human parents who were supposed to love you […]

Is God in the Details?

  There is an old cautionary statement related to contracts and business transactions that says, “The devil is in the details.” I take this to mean we need to read and understand the contingencies related to the deal we are making before we sign our name to the paper. In the housing crisis a decade ago lots of people lost their houses because they didn’t pay attention to the fact their sub-prime loan rate would change, resulting in much higher mortgage payments. The devil was in the details. I don’t […]