3 Reasons Why Your Choices Matter

  Our choices matter. Do you ever consider how you got to where you are today?  Some people believe “luck” (good or bad)  or chance have played a major role in their fortunes in life. I don’t believe in luck or chance to determine my fate. I believe in God’s grace and mercy and my ability to choose. I heard the story about a famous golfer, Gary Player (a believer), being interviewed about his success on the links. “Gary, how did you become so lucky on many of your shots?”, […]

Are You A Savvy Investor? 3 Questions

” The Savvy Investor” is the subject of my blog today. Investing is important to all of us. I had to  brace myself before opening my IRA retirement account recently. I reassured myself and my wife that the double-digit percentage loss is “only on paper” and we don’t need that money right now. Perhaps you are also concerned about some of your financial investments; an empty building you need to rent out, taxes and insurance you are paying on a vehicle or a “toy” that isn’t providing a good ROI.  […]

Easter People in a Good Friday World

” Easter people in a Good Friday World.” I was intrigued and curious when I heard her say it. Our speaker that morning was a very bright and devoted follower of Jesus named  Kristi McClelland. What did she mean by this arresting introductory statement to her powerful message , “Easter people in a Good Friday World?” My primary takeaway from Kristi’s message is that followers of Jesus serve a Risen Lord. Yes, Good Friday is important but without the resurrection God’s plan has failed and we are still in our […]

Want More of Heaven’s Currency ?

Heaven’s currency is something that should be of interest to all of us. This is especially true in light of what’s happening to the dollar, the currency of our country. Inflation is a big concern for most of us these days. We are noticing that our dollars are shrinking, buying mush less than they were a year ago. My car’s gas tank is about half full (or half empty if you tend to see things negatively) and I’m dreading to face the price indicator as I pump the gas again. […]

Great Rewards Come to Those Who Follow Christ!

Great rewards will come to those who follow God’s plan. This is the fifth truth I discuss in my book, Heaven’s Currency. You will find links to the other four at the bottom of this blog. These truths can change your life. I encourage you to review them and make them a part of your self talk as you attempt to follow the Lord.  When my children were young, I would talk with them about their choices and the consequences of their actions. There were times when I warned them […]

Your Choices, Your Character, and Your Destiny

Your choices determine your character, who you are. Your character determines your destiny. This blog is the fourth in a series I’m calling “Five Truths That Can Change Your Life”; the title of a chapter in my new book , Heaven’s Currency, Investing In The Things That Matter Most. http://www.cosdavis.com/heavens-currency-investing-in-the-things-that-matter-most. Choices are important. Of courses some choices are more important than others. The choices to marry, and who to marry, are infinitely more life changing than what to have for lunch.  To me, the most life-altering choice I have is what I’m going […]

Two Worlds In Conflict

You live in two worlds. Think about it, every day you and I make an investment in the two-world marketplace in which we live. This is the third truth I write about in  my new book, http://www.cosdavis.com/product/heavens-two currency-investing-in-the-things-that-matter-most The fact that you live in two worlds is especially important for you to understand if you are a follower of Jesus. As a consequence of your decision to follow him, your daily decisions about the way you spend your time, money, and energies are to be guided by the superior claims […]

Your Life is a Time-Sensitive Trust from God

Your life is a time-sensitive trust from God. Think about this great biblical truth and what it can/should mean to the way you invest your time, energies, and money. Before I explore this potentially life-altering truth with you, I want to do a review of a couple of things that will help you understand where I’m attempting to take you. In my new book, https://www.cosdavis.com/heavens-currency-investing-in-the-things-that-matter-most I have a chapter I call Five Truths That Can Change Your Life. You may want to do a quick review, or read for the first […]

God Loves You and Has a Plan for Your Life

God loves you and has a plan for your life. What’s your response to this statement? If you’ve grown up going to church or have been raised in a Christian home, this is something you have heard for a long time. Maybe it’s one of those ideas you’ve heard so many times you don’t think about it much anymore. But, you and I need to think about it! We need to think deeply about it because understanding that God, the Creator of this universe, loves us is critical to living […]

Truth Is

Truth Is…..essential for building trust. This is true whether you are dealing with people or with a Cuckoo clock. Let me tell you about my cuckoo clock. While visiting Europe about ten years ago my wife and I decided to buy a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest area. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery along the Rhine river when we came upon this charming German village. After looking at many styles and price ranges of clocks, we decided on our clock, had it wrapped for carrying with us on the […]