A Wake-up Call

A wake-up call is something that happens in your life that shakes you and gives you the opportunity, the possibility of making some adjustments or important changes in the way you are living. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It could be a diagnosis of cancer, a sudden financial loss, the end of a significant relationship, a life-threatening accident, or the death of a loved one. We’ve all had them and will likely continue to have these wake-up calls throughout our lifetime. That seems to be the rhythm […]

The Power of Your Character

Our character is the most powerful tool we have to influence others. With it, we can do great good or harm to those within our circle of influence. Your character is who you are; your values and how you live them out. It involves a belief system about your meaning and purpose in life and how you express those beliefs by the way you relate to God and how you treat yourself and others. Here is an article on our circle of influence I think you will find interesting.https://www.shadyoakprimary.com/who-is-in-your-circle-of-influence-and-why-this-is-important/ Each […]

The Danger of the Drift

Drift. “To float or be driven along by a current of water or air” is one way Merriam-Webster defines the word drift. When I try to visualize that word,  I think of myself sitting in a small boat in a stream, paddles pulled inside, allowing the water to take me where it wills. Another vision I have is relaxing in a quiet place, mesmerized by the puffy white clouds drifting along on the canvas of a beautiful blue sky.  These are relaxing and refreshing kinds of experiences, and we all […]

The Big Picture

Do you see the Big Picture? Each of us longs for meaning and purpose in life. We want to be remembered well by family and friends when we are gone. We want our life to have counted for something worthwhile, to have made a difference in someone’s life. That’s one reason I spend hours each week attempting to craft a blog that may be helpful to someone I may not even know. I want to make a difference for someone.  We are made for the Big Picture, to be part of […]

What Is Your FQ?

What is your FQ? You have an intelligence quotient (IQ). You also have an emotional quotient (EQ). Some folks are emotionally smart, in addition to being very intelligent.   For years we’ve heard that women are more emotionally intelligent than men, we’ll save that discussion for another day. Here’s a neat article, if you want to learn more about IQ and EQ. https://www.ctnewsonline.com/news/faith/article_36597602-cfe5-11eb-b35b-5f468e1b3832.html  While these are important quotients, a good case can be made that your FQ is more essential than either of these to live well in these challenging times. […]

A Living Faith?

A living faith. What is a living faith? Why is a living faith important and how do you know if you have it? Come with me on a little journey as we explore what faith is and how a living faith changes your life for time and eternity. “Are you a person of faith?” There have been occasions when I have asked this question of someone with whom I’ve been having a deep discussion. Do you know the kind of answer I generally get? People typically answer by telling me […]

Why is Faith Important?

Why is faith essential to living? Think about that. We may think that faith pertains only to the “spiritual” realm; i.e. God, heaven, Jesus, Christian living, etc. But, is that true? I strongly believe that we become children of God through an act of faith. As the Bible says, we are “saved by grace through faith” (Ephesians 2:8). I also believe that the need for faith or trust is woven into the fabric of everything we do as humans. Faith is necessary to operate in the “seen” world in which […]

Are You in the Faith?

Are you in the faith? Your answer to this question has eternal ramifications. So, it’s really important that we understand the intent, the meaning of the question. Let me begin by telling you what I’m not asking you about. I’m not asking if you are a religious person. You may attend church regularly, preach, sing in the choir, teach Bible studies, etc., and not be “in the faith.” You may be a good, moral person with an impeccable reputation but not be “in the faith.” All these things may be […]

Great Rewards Come to Those Who Follow Christ!

Great rewards will come to those who follow God’s plan. This is the fifth truth I discuss in my book, Heaven’s Currency. You will find links to the other four at the bottom of this blog. These truths can change your life. Please review them and remind yourself of them often as you attempt to follow the Lord.  When my children were young, I would talk with them about their choices and the consequences of their actions. There were times when I warned them to consider how their decision would […]

My Choices, My Character, and My Destiny

Your choices determine your character, who you are. Your character determines your destiny. This blog is about Truth # 4 in a series I’m calling “5 Life-Changing Truths”. This and the other life-changing truths are covered extensively  in my book , Heaven’s Currency, Investing In The Things That Matter Most. http://www.cosdavis.com/heavens-currency-investing-in-the-things-that-matter-most. Here is the essence of Truth # 4. ” My choices determine my character, which in turn determines my destiny.” Think about it, memorize it, and repeat it often to yourself. Who do you want to be? Where do you […]