I pulled in behind a large SUV and got out my member and debit cards to be ready for my turn to pump gas. Nothing was happening at the pump in front of me, so I assumed the person might have finished and would be leaving soon. I waited patiently a couple more minutes, and […]

Faithful Change

  Faithful Change Do you sometimes feel dizzy or a bit depressed by the magnitude and pace of change? Does it seem to you that you are continuously dealing with some form of change? The weather, your body, mood, finances, job-related transitions,  sickness, death, or marriage of a family member require some form of action. […]


      Lonely? Sometimes I feel lonely. What about you? I believe everyone struggles with a sense or feeling of loneliness from time to time. This deep, uneasy struggle for meaning may last for a day or two for some of us while others live with it day after day, never really escaping its […]

Time is Flying

What is time? If you consult a dictionary you will discover no fewer than a dozen options. One such answer is “a period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.” Over the centuries mankind has measured time with calendars, sundials, clocks, and watches. A dash on a tombstone between the date of […]

Two Important Words

    Two Important Words “Thank You” are two of the most important words we can use. They rank right up there with “I’m sorry” and “I love you.” Of course, none of these words are meaningful if they are not sincere, coming from somewhere deep inside us. Giving thanks, expressing gratitude are highly encouraged […]

MY “To Do” List

      My “To Do” List For many years I have had the habit of making a weekly “To DO” list. This process helps me organize and prioritize the things I want to get done and keeps me focused. It also serves as a way to evaluate how I have invested my valuable time. […]

Need an Adjustment?

      Need an Adjustment? I went to a chiropractor recently for an adjustment to begin the process to realign my neck in order to alleviate a problem with my shoulder. This was my first chiropractic adjustment and, while not painful, held a few surprises. I’ll not bore you with the details but it […]

The Girl with a Nice Voice

The Girl with a Nice Voice Recently Cecelia and I were notified to go to Nashville to get our first covid-19  shot. This was good news but I was unfamiliar with the exact location. So, on the day we were to go I put the address information into the GPS, which I often refer to […]

Prayer for America

Several years ago the following prayer came to Cecelia and me from Dr. David Jeremiah and Turning Point ministries. I have used it as a bookmark in my Bible and devotional books and have often referred to it and said “Amen” to the sentiments of this petition to our Lord. Perhaps the prayer is one […]

How Should We Live?

The political turmoil of the past several years has served to put an exclamation point on something I’ve read about in Scripture and believed for most of my life. Evil is real. Evil predates the human race and it is still hanging around and becoming more and more pervasive in our everyday lives. One of […]