Your Life is a Time-Sensitive Trust from God

Your life is a time-sensitive trust from God. Think about this great biblical truth and what it can/should mean to the way you invest your time, energies, and money. Before I explore this potentially life-altering truth with you, I want to do a review of a couple of things that will help you understand where I’m attempting to take you. In my new book, I have a chapter I call Five Truths That Can Change Your Life. You may want to do a quick review, or read for the first […]

God Loves You and Has a Plan for Your Life

God loves you and has a plan for your life. What’s your response to this statement? If you’ve grown up going to church or have been raised in a Christian home, this is something you have heard for a long time. Maybe it’s one of those ideas you’ve heard so many times you don’t think about it much anymore. But, you and I need to think about it! We need to think deeply about it because understanding that God, the Creator of this universe, loves us is critical to living […]

Truth Is

Truth Is…..essential for building trust. This is true whether you are dealing with people or with a Cuckoo clock. Let me tell you about my cuckoo clock. While visiting Europe about ten years ago my wife and I decided to buy a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest area. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery along the Rhine river when we came upon this charming German village. After looking at many styles and price ranges of clocks, we decided on our clock, had it wrapped for carrying with us on the […]

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” You often hear that phrase used in relation to the current administration in our nation’s capitol. But, according to my resident scholar Alexa, that phrase was used many years ago by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. His exact words were “Never let a ‘good’ crisis go to waste.” Some folks believe that politicians create a problem or crisis in order to distract the public from another pressing issue. This would be similar to a person setting a building on fire while they go to […]

What’s Happening To Us?

What’s Happening To Us? The convergence of several crises such as we have dealt with in recent years can create a sense of upheaval and bewilderment. At the beginning of this century’s third decade, America’s economy was booming. Unemployment rates were low, the lowest ever in several minority sectors. The usual political rancor and vindictive rhetoric of Washington D.C. continued to dominate the media in anticipation of November’s national elections. But, despite the deep political and value-based divisions, our country seemed to be doing pretty well. Most of us had no […]

What Matters Most

What Matters Most What matters most to you? What matters most to you does matter. It matters because your choices about priorities affect you and those you love. It matters because your priorities determine the way you invest your time, money, and energies. It matters because the way you invest your time, money, and energies will determine your character, the person you will become. It matters because your character is the most important thing you have going for you. How do you know what matters most to you? As mentioned […]

Things That Matter Most

Things That Matter Most. Some things matter most to you. What is it that matters most?  When was the last time you did an inventory about your priorities? Why is your answer important? It’s important because it will tell you how you are investing your time, money, and energies. Every day you invest twenty-four hours of time you will never get back. Life is short and uncertain, you need to be sure you are getting the best value and return on your investment. In addition to time,  you invest money […]

Investing In The Things That Matter Most

  Investing in the Things That Matter Most is the subtitle of my book that is now available here on my website or at You and I are investors. That’s true. And I will show you how we are investors, if you will continue to read for the next couple of minutes. Investing is a biblical idea. What do you generally think about when you see or hear the word investing? If you are like most people, you probably think about the stock market, houses, land, automobiles, rare coins, jewelry, […]

If It’s Good, It’s From God

  If it’s good, it’s from God. When was the last time you enjoyed a good cup of coffee or your favorite cold drink? Do you have warm, pleasant memories of good times with your family or friends over the holidays? Is your life good? Do you enjoy relatively good health? Do you have enough good food to eat? Do you sometimes stop to ponder how good you really have it? What about all that’s not good, the evil in the world? I’m very aware of the fact that there is […]

New Year

I answered the phone and the friendly, familiar voice on the other end said, “Cos, happy New Year.” I responded in kind and a few minutes later returned to what I was doing.  I began the first day of 2022 as I have begun almost every day for many years; writing in my journal, scripture, and prayer. As I meditated on the significance of the New Year, I became aware of a deep, comforting reality about my life. To me, there’s no such thing as New Year Magic. But I […]