Christmas, How Much Does It Cost?

Christmas. How much is it going to cost you this year? Do you know? Or, maybe you’re one of those “last-minute” shoppers who won’t know til the “night before Christmas.” Each year Cecelia and I budget a certain amount we will spend on each other, the four grandchildren, and six additional family members. This way we can plan and attempt to stay within our budget. We have generally spent the same amount each year, but what seemed to be a rather generous gift when we started this process has, like […]

Parenting Character

Successful parenting starts with you, the parent. Your character, who you are deep inside determines what you value most and how you will live. Character also determines the kind of parent you will be. So, who are you? What values are at the core of your being? Are you kind and gentle? Selfish, arrogant or prideful? Are you a know-it-all or are you open to learning new ways of thinking and doing things? Most importantly, does your character resemble God’s view of who he is capable of making you? God […]

Where Does Successful Parenting Start?

Where does successful parenting Start? Does it begin at the birth of a child? Having a child makes you a parent but does it make you a successful one? Does it begin with reading books on child development or parenting strategies or techniques? While this can prove helpful, good parenting must begin somewhere else. Then, where does successful parenting begin? It begins with the person you see in the mirror. That’s right. Good parenting begins with the person you are. Who you are, your character, is the most important issue […]