Easter People in a Good Friday World

” Easter people in a Good Friday World.” I was intrigued and curious when I heard her say it. Our speaker that morning was a very bright and devoted follower of Jesus named  Kristi McClelland. What did she mean by this arresting introductory statement to her powerful message , “Easter people in a Good Friday World?”

My primary takeaway from Kristi’s message is that followers of Jesus serve a Risen Lord. Yes, Good Friday is important but without the resurrection God’s plan has failed and we are still in our sin. We are to be Easter people in a world that may somehow recognize the reality of the cross but do not know the power of the Risen Lord. We are different because we know Him who has been crucified and raised from the dead.

Living as Easter People in a Good Friday World is what the life of faith is all about. As believers we are to live out the meaning of the resurrection in our everyday lives as we partner with God in his redemptive work. Our prayers become a subversive activity as we stand against evil and offer to become involved in the answer to our prayers.  I recommend that you look at Kristi’s books and teachings at https://www.newlensbiblicalstudies.com/

On this Wednesday leading up to Easter, I want to address the vital connection between the resurrection and our faith in Jesus. Just what does the resurrection have to do with my faith?  I believe myself to be an “Easter person” and I suspect you would say you believe in the truth of the literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus. Right? How then does our faith relate to, connect to, the resurrection of Jesus?

Frankly, without the resurrection our faith is in a dead teacher. The validity of the Christian gospel rests on whether or not the resurrection is true. The resurrection is THE CENTRAL FACT, the linchpin on which rests our hope for forgiveness of sin and eternal life. In other words, your trust in God to save you from the power of sin and death is worthless if the resurrection is not true. Paul says as much in 1Corinthians 15:14,” If Christ has not been raised , then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain.” But he goes on to affirm his faith, “ But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who are asleep (dead).” 1 Corinthians 15:20. Paul and the early followers of Jesus gave up whatever was necessary and risked their lives on the premise that Jesus rose from the dead, pretty radical stuff  if the resurrection didn’t happen.

What is the meaning of this? First, it means saving faith is faith in a person, Jesus Christ, and not simply an idea about immortality. The validity or security of our faith always rests upon the trustworthiness of the “object” of our faith. Is Jesus who He claims He is? Is He the Christ, the Messiah? Does he forgive sin and give us a “new birth” when we put our trust in Him? Does he give us eternal life and will He resurrect us as He says he will?

Paul makes an interesting and important statement about what the resurrection says about Jesus’ identity in Romans 1:4 “ Who was declared to be the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead, according to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ our Lord.” If Jesus is alive, all his teachings and promises are true and dependable.

EasterMy book, Heaven’s Currency, is an attempt to help us understand and apply what it means to be “Easter people in a Good Friday world. If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to get a copy here  https://www.cosdavis.com/product/heavens-currency-investing-in-the-things-that-matter-most/ or at Amazon and learn the benefits of living in a way that will give you a great return your investment in Christ’s kingdom. I guarantee you this, you will be glad you spent the time and money on this book.

I have put my trust in Jesus, the Christ. I attempt to live obediently to Him and His teachings because He has forgiven me and given me a new life, a new birth. My experience coincides  with the teachings of Scripture that He is living in me and that He is coming back for me and all who put their trust in Him. Should I die before He returns, He will resurrect me in a new body to live with Him and serve Him forever in heaven.

Until then, I will attempt to faithfully serve Him and try to encourage as many as I can to trust Jesus and live as “Easter People” in our broken world.

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