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Welcome to my common-sense website! Family matters of various sorts will be addressed here. My central purpose in this website is to help you build relational bridges. When you get down to it, things that matter to our family are the most important things in life. What I  share with you concerning such issues as communication, conflict, discipline and many more subjects is based on biblical principles and many years of work with adults and children as a teacher and therapist.I believe any person who is serious about family and functional relationships can benefit from the practical help you will find in my posts and other materials.

I’m glad you’ve visited and I encourage you stay a while and check out the various topics which are available to you. Sign up to automatically receive my blogs. I also want you to leave comments and questions. I will attempt to respond to you in a timely manner.

One thought on “Welcome to cosdavis.com

  1. Millie Lewis Moss

    Hello, Cos.
    Enjoyed your writing and have not thought about the boundaries God has placed on us. Very inspiring. Looking forward to reading more.

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