How do you when you’ve succeeded as a parent? Parenting With A Purpose deals with this and many other vital questions about parenting. Many of our endeavors show a direct correlation between effort and result. For example, if you follow the blueprint exactly you get the house you dreamed of.  However, successful parenting doesn’t necessarily follow that pattern. Children, unlike inanimate wood, stone and glass, have personalities of their own and often make choices that can thwart our best intentions for them.

So, is it possible you can do a good job as a parent but your child’s behavior disappoints you? Is it possible for a child to do well in spite of the poor parenting of those to whom he is entrusted?

These are interesting questions. My work with people over many decades causes me to answer “yes” to both questions. While parents are the most powerful people in a young child’s life we are not all-powerful for their entire life.

Some children make wise choices and learn to build their lives upon the love and nurture of their parents. Others, nurtured by good parents also, become victims of their own poor choices. Some, not so fortunate to have functional parents, manage to overcome many of the unhealthy habits and thought patterns of their parents to become much healthier in relationships than would seem possible.

I think you will find this book to be an invaluable resource concerning the central issue of life and how to parent accordingly.