Three Reasons God Gave You a Child

Have you ever thought about why God gave you a child? Children can be difficult, it’s true, but God has placed your child or children in your life to do something for you. God has different ways to grow us. While you are their parent, they may be the instrument through which God teaches you […]

Where Do Children Come From (part three)

One of the most important ingredients in Christian parenting is the unmistakable certainty your child is a gift from God. This attitude is well supported in scripture. Your child is fortunate if you really believe this and act it out in your relationship with him. The ability to procreate is a blessing from God. Genesis […]

Where Do Children Come From (part two)

Our attitude or opinion about where our child came from is very important. Why? One reason is because our attitudes tend to “seep out” sooner or later and our child picks up on this at an emotional level. Our children sense how we really think and feel about them. As a parent, it’s difficult to […]

Where Do Children Come From?

A young boy asked his dad, “Where did I come from?” With beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead the dad attempted to explain the process to him. Taking a deep breath when finished, the dad looked into the saucer-sized eyes of his child and asked, “Do you understand?” “No,” said the child, “Johnny […]

The Power of an Apology

Let’s face it, we are not perfect and we aren’t going to be perfect parents. That means we are going to make mistakes; do and say things we shouldn’t say and do to our kids. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be the best parent we can be. No, our child needs and deserves […]

Own Your Stuff

One of the greatest challenges of human relationships is to keep our personal stuff from creating unnecessary issues. For example, if you are person who always needs to be in charge, you can make others uncomfortable with your need to control or have things your way. If we refuse to recognize and deal with our […]

The Potential You

Successful parenting starts with you, the parent. Your character, who you are deep inside determines what you will value most and how you will live. Character also determines the kind of parent you will be. So, who are you? What values are at the core of your being? Are you kind and gentle? Selfish, arrogant […]

Where Does Good Parenting Begin?

Where does “successful” parenting begin? Does it begin at the birth of a child? No, having a child makes you a parent but it doesn’t make you a good one. Does it begin with reading books on child development or parenting strategies or techniques? While this can prove helpful, good parenting must begin somewhere else. Good […]

Parenting’s North Star

Have you ever tried to work a box puzzle without the box top to guide you? Have you tried to go somewhere you haven’t been before without a GPS,  map or good directions to help you? Frustrating isn’t it? Many things we do in life require some amount of direction to ensure a chance at […]

What is Parenting About?

What is Parenting About?     Perhaps the most central question we need to ask ourselves as parents is: “What is parenting really about?” In other words, what is the main role or central purpose I, the parent, need to fulfill in relation to this child that has been entrusted to me? Unfortunately, for some […]