Is Beauty Enough?

Another important facet of the relationship between our sense of self worth and our body is personal attractiveness. Our superficial society is strongly invested in outward beauty. To be beautiful or handsome is “good” and to not be”blessed” with good looks is not so good. We have been so indoctrinated by this value system that […]

Hindering Your Child’s Development?

One of the interesting things I’ve observed is that our fears can unwittingly hinder our child’s physical development. This in turn, can work against his confidence and positive view of himself. Let me explain. Several years ago Joey, about ten, was brought to me because he had almost become paralyzed by his fear of bugs. […]

Your Child’s Body Image

A major factor in how your child learns to think about himself is how he learns to think about his body and physical functions. Your child is a spirit or soul with a physical body. His view of his body will play an important role in how he cares for his body. His general appearance, […]

The Cornerstone of Your Child’s Emotional Health

When our son Nathan was small his mom would often ask him this question,”If all the little boys in the world lined up and I got to pick out anyone I wanted do you know who I would choose?” I can still hear his giggling, happy “me” in response to her question. This was just […]

A “Knowing” Kind of Love

How can you really love someone without knowing them? If the ultimate goal of love is to do what is in their best interest, how can you love someone without knowing them? I believe you can have an attitude of acceptance and tolerance about  people which could be interpreted as love. However, loving someone as […]

Are You Taking the Long Look?

Healthy love takes the long look. It does not settle for what is convenient or will not lead to the best for your child in the long run. Healthy love must sometimes be tough. It must be able to tolerate you child’s discomfort and anger. But to be truly loving, it must also be smart […]

The Healthy Love Choice

If you have read the previous four blogs on this subject you have probably concluded that loving your child in a healthy way is not such an easy thing to do. It is not that your child doesn’t need or deserve such love but healthy love requires a high degree of personal discipline and maturity. […]

Whose Dream Is It?

Welcome to the fourth installment of my blogs on the idea of healthy love. To say there is a healthy kind of love implies there is also an unhealthy kind of love. Good, well-meaning people can “love” their child in a wrong or unhealthy way. Allow me to share with you a very common way […]

Sometimes Love Says “No”

One of the responsibilities we have as parents involves deciding what is best for our child. This is one of the reasons God gave children parents ; because children aren’t equipped emotionally or intellectually to always make good choices. As parents we need to teach our child how to make choices and to weigh the […]

Your Child’s “Best Friend”?

In order to understand what healthy love looks like I will discuss some of the things it is not. Perhaps by eliminating some erroneous notions about love we can get a clearer picture of what love is and does for a child. Healthy love is not being you child’s” best friend.” Your child needs you […]