Your Child’s Anger (part nine)

In this blog I want to continue with some suggestions you may want to consider when dealing with your child’s anger. Since you know there are things your child is going to get angry about what are you going to tell him to do with his anger? So, what can your child do when he […]

Your Child’s Anger (part eight)

What can you do if your child uses his anger in a bad way? What do I mean by “bad”? I believe there are four things a child (or adult) should not be allowed to do with his anger: (1) damage or destroy property, (2) cause harm to him self, (3) deliberately hurt someone else, […]

Your Child’s Anger (part seven)

In the last post I suggested there are a couple of ways in which parents can be part of the issue of children using their anger to manipulate or get what they want. The first thing I offered for consideration is that the parent, himself/herself, can actually teach their child to use their anger this […]

Your Child’s Anger (part six)

In this blog I want to pick up where I left off in the last post concerning a child’s anger. Does your investigation of your child’s anger lead you to believe he is using it to control you or to get what he wants? Will a child actually do such a thing? Absolutely. Many children […]

Your Child’s Anger (part four)

What is causing your child’s bad use of his anger? Would you agree that it is important to understand his behavior to effectively deal with it? Would you also agree that understanding why your child acts as he does might give you a clue about appropriate consequences for his behavior? If you don’t think the […]

Your Child’s Anger (part three)

What do you do when your child uses his anger in a bad way? By “bad” I mean he tries to manipulate you or he hurts someone or sulks until he gets his way. What do you do? If you’re like some parents you may have allowed yourself to get into a pattern of reacting […]

Your Child’s Anger (part two)

Jennifer is “fed up” with her child’s angry outbursts when she asks him to do simple things such as brush his teeth, put away his toys, or help with a chore around the house. As a matter of fact, she feels a lot of resentment toward him and finds herself avoiding asking him to do […]

Your Child’s Anger (part one)

Why does Brandon always “pitch a fit” when he is told “no” or he doesn’t get his way about something? Why does Jennifer hit her little brother for no apparent reason? Perhaps you could write the next question about your own child’s use of anger. Why does my child……………………………………………..? Welcome to the beginning of a […]

Four important Life-Questions (part six)

So  decide. What is it you want to fix?  Do you want to fix your spouse or someone else who is giving you grief? Forget it. You are the only one you can fix. Is it is you weight, money problems, or children? If you let things continue as they are what will happen? You […]

Four Important Life-Questions (part five)

The fourth and final question you need to deal with if your choices have led you to a place you don’t want to be in life is:  How do I change directions? To begin to answer this question let’s return to the man trying to make his way to his appointment. He had trusted an […]