Heaven’s Currency

Heaven's Currency

Heaven’s Currency offers you the opportunity to learn how to become extremely wealthy by investing in the things that matter most in life. Every day you invest your money, time, and energy in those things that are important to you. But, are you getting the return on investment you really want? At the end of your life will you be glad you lived the way you did?

What matters most in life? What will you have accomplished in the brief time you have on earth? If you die a wealthy person, will you take the money and the things you’ve accumulated with you? Is there more to life than achieving “the American Dream” of a beautiful house, a hefty bank account, nice clothes, fine jewelry, and luxury cars? If you spend your life achieving all these things, have you invested in the things that matter most?

Heaven’s Currency is about becoming a savvy investor. That begins with an understanding of the real purpose of life. God loves you and has a plan for your life. He invites you into a life of faith in which he will transform you into a truly loving person. You will learn how to love him, yourself, and others. And, through the process of investing your life in the things that matter most, you will experience an abundant spiritual life on earth and will send ahead rewards that will await you in heaven.

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