Time is Flying By

As I awoke this morning it dawned on me that this is the last day of November. Going to the kitchen for a glass of water and my daily medication I noticed the wall clock in the foyer. The time was 5:30 but there was something else about the clock face, something which reminded me that my time is flying by. There above the clock itself are two Latin words I remember learning in high school, Tempus Fugit. Those words mean “time flies.” For some reason today I am keenly aware that my life is speeding by and the way I use the gift of the time I am given is very important.

How will I use my time today? That all depends what I really see as priority and how I will choose to do based on what I say I believe. I say I believe relationship with God and others is the central meaning of life. However,what I do is what I really believe. How I invest the time I’m given today will be the true test of what is important to me. 

We have the gift of now, today. Yesterday is gone and cannot be recalled. Tomorrow is not here and may not come for us at all. As for me, I will attempt to be intentional, purposeful to use my time in a way that will honor God by helping those I can by and encouraging word, prayer and deeds of kindness.

Tempus Fugit.  How will you use your day?

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