Jesus, Hope of the World


I can’t recall a time when we have needed hope as much as we do now. How can we survive the myriad of crises we are facing as a nation? Think of it; the new Covid-19 variant and the potential for what that can mean for us; inflation; the unchecked flow of migrants at the southern border; illegal drug traffic; supply chain issues that may disrupt the supply of Christmas items; and, the continuing downward spiral of confidence in the current administration’s character and competence. We need hope that these issues will be addressed with wisdom that contends for our nation’s best interest.

I routinely initiate conversations with people I don’t know. Last night while filling up my car I spoke to a man whose back was to me on the other side of the pump. “Sir, how many gallons will your truck hold?” He turned to face me and replied, “About twenty-four gallons when it’s on empty.” I did a quick calculation, “That’s about seventy-five dollars or better.” He nodded, “Yep, sure is.” From there we spent a few minutes talking about the upcoming Alabama-Georgia game and other lesser important topics  I have mentioned above. I discovered three or four things about this man during this encounter; he and his wife like to go to casinos, he works at a liquor store, he’s a diehard Bama fan, and thinks our only hope in the midst of all this mess is God. He said as much when I brought the conversation around to the question, “Where is our hope in all this mess?”

Christmas is a time to remember where our hope is. This is true for our nation and for us personally. Unless our nation returns to the biblical teachings on which it was founded, we will continue to deteriorate spiritually and end up on the trash heap of history with other once-great civilizations. We must have a revival of hope. That hope is in Jesus. The way back is repentance, personally and nationally. Let’s continue to pray for that for ourselves and our nation.

Jesus, the hope of the world, came into a world that was hopeless. Politics and religion were basically messed up and power-hungry. Leaders were more concerned with keeping their power than the welfare of the people whom they were supposed to serve. Sound familiar?

In the midst of all the personal and national turmoil I have made a choice. My choice is to pray for all our leaders but to put my hope in Jesus. Politics and “religion” are not the answer to our deepest needs. We may be living in the last “best” times of our nation (I certainly hope not) but Jesus is our only reliable hope. He lives and will see us through whatever comes.

Merry Christmas! May you and those you love place your hope in Jesus. He is the hope for us and our world. 

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