Questions Parents Ask

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions I have received from parents. Here are some quick answers and direction to some of my materials for a more thorough understanding of the subject.

Q. What do you think about spanking as a form of discipline?
I would use spanking sparingly and as a last resort. There are usually much better ways to get your child to cooperate. See pages 73-84 in my book, Parenting With A Purpose.

Q. What do you say when a child declares I want to be baptized?
I would say something like this. “Johnny, I’m glad you are thinking about this. Tell me why you want to be baptized.” Listen carefully and use more open-ended questions to bring out his thinking. For more help see I’m Big Enough and Children and the Christian Faith, pp.52-58, 67-71 and 89-94

Q. How do you know when a child is ready to become a Christian? There are several things to consider but one of the most important is the child’s persistence, he continues to want to make this decision. See pages 18-23 and 52-58 in Children and the Christian. (Use link above). 

How do I raise my kid in a way so I won’t damage him with my own baggage?
That’s a great question and reveals some good insight about how easy it is to put our stuff on our child. The simple answer is to be aware of your stuff  and own it. There is an entire chapter on this in my book, Parenting With A Purpose.